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Our Trustees

Carrie McAlinden - Secretary

An ESOL teacher by background, Carrie has worked with displaced individuals in France, Lebanon and the UK for over a decade. She currently works as a Guardian with Aberlour, helping young asylum seekers in Scotland to navigate the complexities of the asylum system. In her spare time she can usually be found chasing after her dog or working on her camper van.

Emma Hinton

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Fae Mira Gerlach - Co Chair

Fae comes with over ten years experience in organising with and for people in displacement and asylum systems across Europe, a MA in Human Rights and Social Work and a fountain of passion for community-based work for structural change and Transformative Justice. If she is not wearing an Organiser hat she can be found gardening or strolling up and down Leith Walk.


Gina Belk

Gina is an experienced international development professional with a current focus on climate finance research at an international think tank. She has worked with the Scottish Government as a Climate Justice Policy Officer and was a member of Scotland's Climate Assembly Secretariat. At times, Gina's work has examined the impact of climate change on migration and displacement. 


Through community sponsorship programs, Gina envisions communities as part of a global movement fostering welcoming spaces and reshaping the discourse around displacement. She is committed to inclusive decision-making and advocates for community engagement in creating tailored solutions.


Outside of her professional endeavours, you'll find Gina at her happiest hiking with her collie, Winnie.

Jamie Gracie - Treasurer

Jamie is an experienced Finance professional who has worked in the charitable sector for 10+ years, in homelessness (Four Square Scotland), disability (LEAD Scotland, MS Society and Leonard Cheshire) and now works in the Higher Education sector with Queen Margaret University. With prior experience in the private sector, helps provide some commercial acumen to his work within the charity environment.


He is passionate about contributing through his work and understanding the people he works with, to help improve the quality of life and eradicate inequality for all in society.


In his spare time you will find him enjoying his favourite sports, including bowling and golf.

Mariam Tuma

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Muhannad AlJomaa - Co Chair

Muhanad, originally from Syria, moved to Scotland in 2020 after living in Greece and Germany. He is passionate about helping refugees like himself, having delivered legal information on Europe's borders in Greece and Calais, as well as assisting Arabic and Kurdish-speaking children in Edinburgh schools.  


Muhanad has just completed an HNC in counselling. He recognises the importance of allowing people fleeing war and trauma survivors to speak about their experiences.


He enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his 2-year-old daughter, and hosting Syrian brunches and BBQs for friends.

Nicole Nadler

Nicole immigrated to Edinburgh from America in 2017 on a spousal visa. The immigration process has been expensive, stressful and lengthy (in 2025 she will finally be applying for citizenship!) and her experience, which while difficult is still abundantly privileged, inspired her to get involved with creating safe pathways for asylum seekers.


Nicole might be found getting a sweet treat around Leith, browsing a charity shop, or you might catch her performing at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Sarah Story - Co Chair

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