Welcome to Edinburgh Refugee Sponsorship Circle

Organising safe pathways for families fleeing conflict zones and welcoming them into our community.

What is Community Sponsorship?

The Community Sponsorship scheme was set up by the UK government in 2016, in response to the refugee crisis. 

The scheme allows community groups to resettle a refugee family in their local area. Crucially it gives families fleeing persecution and war a safe and legal route to the UK. 

We're a group of friends who live in Edinburgh, and are participating in the scheme. We need to raise a minimum of £9000 to resettle a refugee family. To help please go to our Donate page or to out more about Community Sponsorship click here.

Hand reaching to sun

We are in a humanitarian


37,000 people were displaced everyday in 2018, twice as many as 20 years ago. 

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HOusing is a 

HUman Right

More than 90% of global resettlement needs are unmet.


In 2019 it's estimated about

1.4 million refugees need resettlement. Only 92,400 resettlement places were

provided by 25 states in 2018.

On Average 6 People die every day trying to reach europe

There's been an 86% decrease in arrivals to Europe since 2015

but the death rate on the Mediterranean has tragically gone up.




Only 16% of the world’s refugees are hosted in the rich and developed parts of the world.

80% of refugees are hosted by countries neighbouring their countries of origin, including some of the world’s poorest countries which host one third of all refugees.

Source= UNHCR