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Will you be our next landlord?

Before we can welcome our second family, we need to find a suitable flat/house.

Becoming a landlord for a Community Sponsorship groups comes with great benefits. 

Please get in touch and spread the word. 

Benefits of becoming a landlord for us

What our landlords say about us

"Through volunteering, we had  been on the edge of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers to Edinburgh and wondered how we could be more supportive in a practical way. When we saw the Sponsorship Circle advert requesting private landlords willing to offer accommodation, we got in touch to find out more. The Sponsorship Team were positive, supportive and welcoming from the start. The actual government settlement process is slow and sometimes frustrating but the Sponsorship Team kept us informed all the way- we were a bit concerned about regular payment of rent, general upkeep of the flat, and how the family could survive on such very limited budgets. With support from the team, and flexibility on all sides, we found ways that work well for everyone concerned. We also wanted to ensure that the family would be well supported on arrival, and not left to muddle through the complexities of life in the UK- a task we were not able to fulfill.  The Sponsorship Circle has various teams of expertise to assist with finance, housing, education, social events and deal with all problems as they arise. The flat is beautifully  maintained by the family , and after nearly one year, they seem to have really made it their own home. We have been sensitive to building a healthy landlord- tenant relationship as well as one of friendship. It is really wonderful to see a family that has fled the terror of war in Syria, beginning to settle into a place of safety and calm.  Now one year in, we understand totally why the Home Office asks for a minimum of 2 years’ lease, because anything less would be very damaging to the well- being of newly settled people…We have learnt so much about the challenges refugees face- learning a completely new language from scratch, adapting to very different cultural norms, children starting at school, parents attending college, managing finances, the list is endless. We are so thankful to be involved with the Refugee Sponsorship Circle and although the global situation can feel overwhelmingly dark, we are fortunate to be part of one “good news” story. We would be happy to chat to anyone thinking of being involved with offering accommodation through the Sponsorship Team."

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