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What a difference a year makes!

We are one big (or many small) step(s) closer to resettling a family.

Just under a year ago a bunch of friends, and friends of friends, came together united by their deep conviction that the UK’s migration system is deeply flawed. That we as communities can and must come together to create safe routes for those fleeing war, conflict and other horrific circumstances. Along the way we were joined by passionate change makers and received the support from hundreds of donors and volunteers. Thanks you to you all we have now raised the minimum of £9000 we need to be Community Sponsors. We are also happy to announce that thanks to the tireless efforts of our core team we have completed all the formal procedures and forms we need to be considered for Community Sponsorship!

We want to say a massive thank you to the fantastic landlords that came forward offering a wonderful flat, Edinburgh Refugee Sponsorship, New Scots Steering Group, Reset, Sponsor Refugees, Sponsor Refugees, the Council’s Resettlement team, Vegware, Taza bakery and Leith Walk policebox. Thanks to you all we can now say: it's official ! We have sent in the application to the Home Office.

So, what's next?

Join us in crossing our fingers that our application will be well received and approved quickly! Once it's approved we will get down to the hard work of preparing everything for the family’s arrival. We also plan to work together with others to support more Community Sponsorship groups to start up in Scotland. We would like Scotland to become a hub of Community Sponsorship, to resettle as many families and individuals as possible. You can help us in our mission by spreading the word about Community Sponsorship, and by fundraising for us. Watch out for more updates soon!

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