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Our Values


A trauma-informed approach recognises and responds to the widespread impact of trauma on refugees. This involves understanding the signs and symptoms of trauma, integrating knowledge about trauma into policies and practices, and actively working to avoid re-traumatisation. It ensures that all interactions and interventions are conducted with an awareness of the past and ongoing trauma experienced by refugees, promoting their safety, empowerment, and healing.



Inclusivity means creating an environment where all individuals, regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances, feel welcomed, valued, and supported. This involves actively working to eliminate barriers to participation  accessibility . Inclusivity also means fostering diversity within the organisation and its community, promoting equity, and ensuring that all voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes. Community-based safeguarding is an integral part of this approach, ensuring that safeguarding measures are culturally sensitive, locally relevant, and involve the community in creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone.


A rights-based approach ensures that the charity's activities and policies are grounded in the principles of human rights. This means recognizing refugees as rights-holders with entitlements under international and national law. The approach involves advocating for and protecting these rights, ensuring access to justice, non-discrimination, and the fulfilment of basic needs such as housing, education, healthcare, and work. It emphasises the agency and dignity of refugees, holding institutions accountable for upholding their rights.

System - critical

We believe that the migration system is deeply flawed and by design and incompetency ineffective, inhuman and responsible for an unacceptable amount of suffering in the UK and globally.

While our work with the families is about individuals we understand ourselves also as part of a wider movement towards real system change.

We actively combat the stigmatising decisive and xenophobic language and narratives about migrants and refugees promoted by some media and politicians and promote safe routes and a rights- and community based welcome. 


A person-centred approach places the individual needs, preferences, and experiences of refugees and volunteers at the core of all activities and decision-making processes. We aim to recognise and nurture the inherent strength and individual skills and talents people bring, enabling them flourish. This involves actively listening to and valuing their voices, providing tailored support that respects their autonomy and choices. 


We inherently see everyone as a whole person, recognising and celebrating their talents and skills. We aim to integrate these strengths by creating opportunities for them to be showcased. This approach applies to the people we support, our volunteers, and the wider communities we work with, ensuring that everyone's abilities are valued and utilised.

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